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Frequently asked questions:


Below, we have tried to answer the most common questions received from visitors to our web site. If you find that your question is not answered on this page, please contact us. 

Question: Banister Design seems like a small company. Do you really have the capacity to handle my project and my schedule?

Answer: Probably, so letís talk. Our company has a small permanent core team and a web of associates that expands as our loading changes. This approach keeps our overhead low, our rates competitive, and our company nimble.


Question: Why do your email links look funny, and why canít I just click on them instead of typing them into my email mesage?

Answer: We protect your email address from spammers, and protect our own as well. Automatic email address harvesters scour the web for active email addresses, but they arenít yet smart enough to recognize the graphic images used for email addreses on our site.


Question: Banister Design is primarily a software development company. What if my project is, or becomes, primarily a hardware or mechanical project?

Answer: If your project is not primarily a software effort, you will be encouraged to use one of our associated companies are the primary interface. We work together closely, and your cost for a particular discipline (e.g. software, hardware or mechanical design services) will not increase because you are working through an associated company. Should the primary focus of your project change during the project, you will likewise be offered the option to change to a point-of-contact within an associate company that better aligns with the current project focus.


Question: What's with the name "Banister Design?"

Answer:  Our company name is taken from the Banister River, which flows past our facility. Banister Design is located in the foothills of the Blue Ridge mountains of Virginia. Our shop is located just above Whitefalls on the Banister (pictured on the banner above), which are the last rapids on the Banister as it exits the foothils and heads across the piedmont to the Atlantic.



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